Only dentists who have undergone extensive further education and training during a recognised post-graduate programme over several years are able to be registered as dental specialists. Dental specialists have more training and experience in the complexities involved in the treatment of patients in a specific area for the best outcome.

Prosthodontics is an area of dental specialisation with which many patients are unfamiliar. Prosthodontics involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions including missing teeth, failing restorations, muscle and jaw joint dysfunction, and complex rehabilitation needs.

This often involves some general dental treatment as part of the overall treatment plan. Often patients are referred to Dr Anders Blomberg by general dentists or other dental specialists who understand the greater level of experience necessary in these cases. Some patients also elect to refer themselves for treatment by Dr Blomberg based on previous experience or recommendations. We welcome all patients for consultation with Dr Blomberg, who may then work with our general dentists for some aspects of treatment to provide the best overall result.



Case 1. Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Our patient was suffering from ongoing breaking and worn down teeth, and wanted a long-term, aesthetic solution that would help her function and give her back her smile. Dr Blomberg presented many treatment options, and her treatment involved some gum treatment, endodontic (root canal) treatment, and then finally some porcelain crowns and bridgework.

Case 2. Cosmetic Dentistry

This dark tooth had suffered some trauma years ago and darkened after having a root canal treatment. Our patient was treated with some orthodontic treatment (straightening of the teeth), whitening of the tooth, and then a new porcelain crown.

Case 3. Implant Dentistry

An implant is a fixed aesthetic solution to replace a missing tooth.

Case 4. Treatment of Tooth Wear

Teeth are often worn down over many years from grinding, leading to poor appearance, shortened teeth and pain. Our patient was treated with composite resin (tooth-coloured) fillings on all teeth.

Dr Blomberg is a member of the Academy of Australian and New Zealand Prosthodontist (AANZP – ) and is past-president of the organisation.

The AANZP was founded in the mid-1990’s to represent the speciality of prosthodontics within the health care arena and to the general public. The Academy is involved in representations to Government, regulatory bodies, universities and the Health Insurance industry and can provide information to the public about specialist dental care.